Effects of Kratom

Effects of Kratom

Learn about Kratom Powder Capsules and Tea Side Effects and Common Experiences

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is an indigenous plant of Thailand. It has long been used to increase stamina as well as for its pain relieving properties. Kratom has also been used by many to relieve anxiety and help the individual to just feel happy. Some say that they feel stronger and are more active, and are capable of doing more work. They also describe themselves as being calmer after using this plant.


It is a well-known fact that workers in Thailand use Kratom to help get through their hard day’s work.

  • The effects can be felt from five to ten minutes after using it and most say that they last for hours.


Stimulating and euphoric is the way that many people describe the feelings they get after taking this herb at low doses.

  • When they take Kratom at higher doses, it is known to act more like a sedative. Many believe that these effects can be explained because mitragynine reacts with the delta opioid receptors as a stimulant.
  • With increased doses, the mu opioid receptors are stimulated. As the name would indicate, these receptors also react to opium-based drugs.


Kratom does not appear to induce psychedelic activity even though the alkaloids that are responsible for the effects of this herb are generally related to psychedelic substances.

  • As with opiate drugs, Kratom has similar effects. It can be used as an analgesic as well as a cough suppressant, while at the same time many describe the effects as being stimulating and inducing euphoria. Some even compare the strength to that of codeine.


There have been some reports that Kratom experiences, being similar to opiates, will reduce erectile dysfunction in men while at the same time stimulating a woman’s desire. This has been explained by the effect of mitragynine in reducing anxiety. It also reduces smooth muscle tone, depresses the central nervous system, and can be used as local anesthesia.


Undesirable side effects of Kratom include increased urination, constipation, and loss of appetite as well as dry mouth.

  1. Kratom does not cause nausea and vomiting the way opiates are known to do. It should not be used heavily because it can cause prolonged sleep.
  2. Before using this substance, one should read as much information as possible to understand all the known effects in order to avoid any less than acceptable side effects.

Kratom Effects

Effects of Kratom According to Dosage

2 to 6 grams provide mild effects.

  • Those effects are generally stimulant in nature.


7 to15 grams provide medium effects.

  • Those effects can be either stimulant in nature or sedative as well as providing euphoria and pain relief.


16 to 25 grams provide strong effects.

  • Those effects are normally sedative in nature as well as giving pain relief as well as causing a feeling of euphoria. This dosage can be too strong for those sensitive to such substances.


26 to 50 grams provide very strong effects.

  • Those effects are pain relieving, sedative and cause a feeling of euphoria. THIS DOSAGE IS TOO STRONG TO BE USED BY MOST PEOPLE.


One must remember that the previous dosages only apply to Kratom leaves, not the same as any kratom extract effects.

  • Along with that, each individual differs in their sensitivities to any substance.
  • It also should be taken into consideration that each batch of Kratom also varies in its potency.
  • Therefore, the dosages listed above should only be used as guidelines.



When initially using Kratom, it is wise to begin with the very lowest dose possible in order to get a feel for what it will actually do for the individual.

  • This should be repeated for each new batch that is used. With this experimentation, the dosage can be increased as needed until the desired results are reached.


Some people experience nausea when they first use a new batch of Kratom due to the differences in strength, in addition most people find that doses higher than 25 grams also cause nausea.

  • Some people who are more sensitive may also experience nausea at doses much lower.
  • It bears to mention that doses lower than 10 grams do not usually see this reaction.
  • Taking Kratom powder effects on an empty stomach is recommended when using higher doses.


Kratom Warnings

Kratom should not be taken prior to driving an automobile or operating equipment. While it is often reported that Kratom is stimulant, it may also cause drowsiness without warning. Using power tools or ladders after taking Kratom should be avoided. When using this product it is best to use common sense and only use it when there is no danger to yourself or anyone else.

There have been no studies done concerning the risks of use of Kratom by pregnant women, so it should not be used without the advice of a physician. To prevent possible birth defects, Kratom should not be used by women who could be pregnant.


Is Kratom Habit Forming?

There have been reports of some people realizing they were dependent upon Kratom.

  1. Most of those were in Thailand. When used responsibly, Kratom is not habit forming. It should be used only occasionally as a recreational drug.
  2. If it is used every day, it is possible to become addicted the same way a person can become addicted to alcohol, tobacco, sugar, and coffee as well as many other substances.



Are There any Health Problems From Kratom?

When consumed responsibly there should be no health problems seen related to Kratom. As with the over use of any product, using Kratom every day in large amounts can cause health problems, common questions related to kratom are salvia divinorum effects, blue lotus effects, and kava effects, which can all be harmful in large quantities.

For instance, in Thailand where daily use by some is not unusual, those who have become dependent may experience weight loss and dark pigmentation of the skin of the face. As stated previously, each individual is different and there may be other side effects of the over use of Kratom capsules.

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